Planning & Design

Movindo initiates every project with in-depth analysis to provide the best respond to certain instances or problems.

  • Through site analysis & research, Movindo provides comprehensive site evalutions and analyzes potential of the surroundings.
  • Movindo offers extensive conceptual art direction & strategic planning to deliver creative briefings before proceeding on to the technical construction phase.
  • Movindo also provides three stages of design documents, which include schematic design, design development and construction documents.
  • Furthermore, Movindo provides supervision services on top of all the necessary design deliverables to ensure the quality of construction work on site is as expected.

Site Analysis & Research - Art Direction & Strategic Planning - Schematic Design Document - Design Development Document - Construction Document - Supervision


Movindo offers master planning service as a comprehensive design package by evaluating and a project in terms of allocation of area, potentials and constraints. The master plan includes scope of projects, zoning, access circulation, and interconnectivity as a larger project schemes.

Kendari Eco Theme Park

Movindo has qualified individuals with extensive abilities ranging from technical software specialists, creative conceptualizers, to artistic stylists. Movindo is able to stretch the project scope within the design environment, including the followings :

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Water Park
  • Aquarium
  • Themed Retail and Restaurant
  • Resort and Attraction
  • Museum and Exhibition
Royal Safari Garden
Little Boss

Specializing in thematic attraction design, Movindo presents strategic responses for clients in terms of design, economical by emphasizing on reactivating spaces of site project.


Movindo takes entertainment and immersive design to the next level with the use of advanced digital technology. Movindo works with experienced partners in creating unique content-driven experiences using the latest software design to generate interaction between visitors and technology that will give a one of a kind entertainment experience.


With successful past experiences in the creative field, Movindo understands the importance of identity through the development of forms, characterism ambience, visual standards, and services. Movindo provides thematic design that are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Thematic design service for brand owners
  • Thematic design service for potential brand owners/ individuals
  • Authorization granted to business owners to franchise thematic designed owned by Movindo
Insight Singkawang

Movindo believes that the characteristics of a brand must reflected in every visual display, therefore we provide specialized design for display booth and exhibit installations to increase brand awareness of the clients' products.