Taman Margasatwa Ragunan

Services: Masterplanning, Architecture, Interior & Retail, Visual Branding

Taman Margasatwa Ragunan (TMR) is a 147-hectare fauna conservation area along with flora and animal habitat located in the city of Jakarta. This conservation institution has become one of the leading tourist attractions in Jakarta. Unfortunately, the potential of TMR still requires optimization through creativity and design innovation, being the background for Mr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan as the Governor of DKI Jakarta to hold a “Design Competition for Taman Margasatwa Ragunan” with the aim of making TMR the best conservation area and park with a prosperous animal collection.

Building Urban Refuge for EDGE Species

A Renewal is a concept of a shelter for animals that are evolutionarily extinct with limited relatives and threatened with extinction. Taman Margasatwa Ragunan will become an education center, conservation, and recreation that focuses on the harmony of life between humans, flora, and fauna. By prioritizing welfare where animals have a decent environment and in accordance with their natural habitat.

Masterplan Concept of Taman Margasatwa Ragunan:

  • Green & Blue Area (Existing)
    The basis of planning is to maintain as much of the tree area as possible and make the most of the lake area.
  • Zoning
    The division of the main zone is done by dividing three main functions, namely the general zone, the zoo zone, and the zone of management/service.
  • Access, Connectivity, and Parking
    Access, connectivity, and parking arrangements adjust the traffic conditions around TMR and the potential for congestion that occurs especially during peak days.
  • Visitor Circulation
    Circulation of visitors in the zoo is divided into 3 types based on the level of activity density and road width.
  • Service Circulation
    Service circulation is organized with a focus on access to each animal exhibit by minimizing the occurrence of crossing with visitor circulation.


Visual Identity

“Quest of Archipelago”
The theme of the concept of visual identity Taman Margasatwa Ragunan was inspired by Indonesia as an archipelago and the diversity of animals spread throughout the world.

1. Locality Elements
The design of this new visual identity is done by considering TMR’s vision and mission as an international standard of conservation and education without forgetting the local essence, as well as the TMR market target.

2. Taman Margasatwa Ragunan
The use of the name Taman Margasatwa Ragunan is used to maintain the identity of the TMR which has been built a long time ago and has been known by the public at large.

“Urban Hearts for Wildlife”
The slogan illustrates the seriousness of the TMR which is located in the heart of the Indonesian city (urban heart) in protecting, caring for and preserving flora and fauna (wildlife) so that later it can be returned to the wild. TMR works with the heart, giving the best for nature.

Taman Margasatwa Ragunan mascot consists of five animals that represent almost the entire Taman Margasatwa Ragunan zone and is an endemic animal or animal that has been a favorite of visitors. They are Taman Margasatwa Ragunan troops, namely: Gama the rhino, Akasa the eagle Bondol, Naya the gorilla, Pangola the pangolin, and Raki the Sumatran tiger.


Team Leader
Hendyanto Lim

Architects Team
Patrick Lim
Ferry Ridwan
Joseph Fredrik C.
Jessyfer Owen
Ivanka Desyra S.
David Jeffry N.

Flora & Fauna Specialist Team
Teguh Triono
Edy Sutrisno
Zulius Zulkifli

Branding & Graphic Team
Farida Sani
Cheryl Christy H.
Melina Burhan
Bernadette Febriani S.

Finance Specialist
Kun Theng
Harianto Putra

Multimedia Team
Emma Dominica
Davita Lucky

Transportation Specialist
Roy Wicaksono

Landscape Specialist
Agus Soeriatmadja

Environment Specialist Team
Willy Soegayanto
David Darmawan
Henry Khong