Type: Agricultural Tourism

Location: Sawangan, Depok

Site Area, Gross Floor Area: 10774 sqm, 5117 sqm

Nara Kupu Village is located in the Sawangan area, Depok, West Java. The location which is close to Pondok Zidane tourist attractions and Pasir Putih Tourism Park has the potential to become a new tourist destination. This area is surrounded by residential areas so that the sustainable economic improvement of Depok can be created by empowering the surrounding community. Nara Kupu Village has a vision of creating a sustainable economy with the social empowerment of the surrounding community to create the socio-economic ecosystem of the NKV and its surroundings. The concept and program of this community empowerment area will be managed by the Tananegri Project to realize the vision of Nara Kupu Village.