Established in 1996, Movindo is one of the pioneers of local-based creative innovation design company in Indonesia that specializes in architecture, interior, and exhibition design.


Our mission is to create innovative thematic design offering unique spatial ambience and experience for users.


We aim to create a specialized design for each client with the projection towards making sustainable local and international destinations.


Our Philosophy


Creativity is one of the greatest innate qualities of a person. It allows one to view and devise processes from a different perspective, yet many never allow true creativity to be expressed. Movindo believes that creativity is the essence of every project undertaken. With the collaborative effort of our aspiring team members, Movindo ensures to always provide fresh and exciting concepts and design.


With the advancement in technology, there are more opportunities for multi-disciplinary exploration to enhance design creativity and innovation. Movindo takes this opportunity to provide advanced quality atmospheric experience for visitors.


Our Leaders

With profound knowledge and years of experience in woodworking, T.D.The established Movindo along with Hendy Lim in 1996. Movindo started initially as a company that specialized in furniture products and over time ventured into exhibition installation and retail design. As the founder, T.D.The led Movindo to be a well-known local exhibition design company.


Co-Founder, Creative Director

Growing up in a creative and innovative design environment, Hendy Lim is a prominent figure that is responsible for curating all the design projects undertaken in a holistic manner. After completing his education at Trisakti University in architectural design, Hendy Lim worked at Sanpala Architects as an architect and at KSM Pte Ltd. Singapore as a senior architect. Hendy Lim then expanded Movindo into the design field, specifically working with projects in architecture, interior design, exhibition installation, retails and product design specializing in furniture products for more than 20 years.


Design Director

Graduated from the University of Nottingham (UK) in Architecture & Critical Theory and Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in Materialization and Design Development with Sustainable Tall Building Design, Patrick Lim is a critical figure that contributes to the high standard quality design and ultimately the success of projects undertaken. With 17 years of leading experience in the design fields, Patrick Lim leads the Movindo design team to constantly provide the best innovative design.