We are one of the pioneers of a local-based creative studio in Indonesia that strives to create innovative and sustainable thematic design offering unique spatial ambiance and experience for our clients.


Planning & Design

We initiate every project with in-depth analysis to provide the best response to certain instances or problems.

1. Site Analysis & Research

Movindo provides comprehensive site evalutions and analyzes potential of the surroundings to support project side.

3. Design Documents

Movindo provides three stages of design documents, such as schematic design, design development, and construction documents.

2. Art Direction & Strategic Planning

Movindo offers extensive conceptual art direction to deliver creative briefings before proceeding on to the technical construction phase.

4. Supervision

Movindo guides through every stage of work in order to ensure the quality of work is maintained during planning and construction.


Master Planning & Architecture

We offer master planning service as a comprehensive design package by evaluating and a project in terms of allocation of area, potentials, and constraints.


Visual Branding Experience

We understand the importance of identity through the development of forms, characterism ambience, visual standards, and services. We provide thematic design categories:
• Thematic design service for brand owners
• Thematic design service for potential brand owners / individuals
• Authorization granted to business owners to franchise thematic designed owned by Movindo


Interior & Retail Design

We are able to stretch the project scope within the interior design environment for fulfilling clients’ satisfaction.


Exhibition & Event Experience

We believe that the characteristics of a brand must be reflected in every visual display, therefore we provide specialized design for display booths, exhibit installations, and events to increase brand awareness.


Strategic Partner Engagement

We follow these problem-solving stages to identify and evaluate the needs of the client and propose solutions.

1. Analysis & Design

Movindo analyzes the clients’ problems and provides the best solution, whether to give innovative design or give a solution to activate an area using various events.

3. Successful Clients Project

Movindo will ensure the success of clients’ projects to make it into a destination that provides a unique experience.

2. Strategic Partnership

Movindo will help client to work with selected potential players in order to create the client’s project into reality.