Type: Exhibition

Location: Singkawang, West Kalimantan

Started December 2017

INSIGHT Singkawang 2.0 is an exhibition initiated by private sectors and supported by the local government to present and encourage social, economical, and cultural growth in Singkawang city. The exhibition is a platform to showcase the historical trajectory of the city, the potential industries and areas to develop within the city domain, and the vision and mission of the mayor for the future of the city in the form of city management and architectural projects.

The overall concept of the exhibition revolves around two main ideas: People & Architecture. Civilization is the only reason of the existence of culture and cultural progress happens with time. The culture of each society is identified through the manifestation of language, art, and architecture. Architecture is a dynamic element in which it is able to reflect the culture of a society in relation to structural, historical, political, economical, and social features.

SKW 2.0 is divided into two exhibition areas: The first halved will be depicted through a series of old photographies and videographies showing Singkawang and people in the old days. The second halved will be depicted through the lens of architecture to present the potentials of the city in terms of future development.